TEDX Coach: September Girlfriends Success Gathering

TEDx Coach: Girlfriends Success Gathering ~  

Topic: Be the expert, tell your story, and get paid! 

Tuesday September 19, 2017 

Share Your Business, New Ideas And Connect With New Goal Girlfriends + Complimentary Light Appetizers! - NEW LOCATION!!! 


Blue C Sushi- Upstairs VIP Lounge  

Bellevue Square Mall Next To P.F. Changs 

503 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004 

Free Parking Next To Macy's  

Click here for easy directions from your smart phone 

You are invited to join us for our Successful September Girlfriends Gathering! 

We have partnered with Blue C Sushi next to Bellevue Square Mall and will be hosting our September Gathering in their upstairs VIP Lounge enjoying appetizers and beverages while connecting 

Each one of our events supports all of our women attending with new ways to stay motivated to continue to go after your dreams and your vision of success in your life. 

We surround ourselves with encouraging women that believe in the power of community and we truly believe in networking with each other to accomplish our goals faster. 

Our Girlfriend's Success Circle allow us to share our goals and align ourselves with others that have similar goals whether it is for more friendships, fitness goals, personal growth or business goals, or all the above, we will have mini groups to connect you with to create new goal buddies! 

When you have accountability and friendship combined with intentional goals, your success in your life is limitless. 

This is a special event that is designed for every type of woman from interns, to stay at home moms to women in the workforce to executives and CEO's. We will all come together and encourage each other to reach our highest potential and enjoy life along the way. 

Please get your tickets here before they all sell out! 

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Our September Featured Speaker is Erin Lomen Jeck: 

About TEDX Speaker Coach Erin Lomen Jeck: 

Erin is the CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency, TEDx coach, and the Creator of Transformational Speakers Summit. Her first talk was when she was 10 years old on the worst day of her life, to a standing room only…her dad’s funeral.

She left that day feeling proud of herself and had an internal knowing that everyone has a story within them, and sharing it gives others permission to transform lives. This highly sought after business coach, transitioned to opening her own Speakers Agency when she was 8 months pregnant, so that she could be home more with her daughter, as family is one of her top priorities.

She is the leading authority on assisting in how to monetize your message, make an impact, influence change, and inspire action in others. Erin leads a variety of in person workshops, online courses, and a two day speaker summit, where she provides tools to get clarity in your ideal audience, learn how to get noticed, booked and paid to speak.

Erin is an expert in working with speakers in strategizing their big business goals, assisting them to monetize their message, and helping them maximize their impact on the planet. Her clients rave that “Erin sees the big vision for your business and then breaks it down into actionable and bite sized steps. Even if you are a great speaker she will help you take it to the next level.” 

Be the expert, tell your story, and get paid.  

Erin works with purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to get paid for being who they are and sharing their story through speaking!  

She's all about helping you create your Legacy Talk (storytelling instead of selling re: TEDX formula); helping clients learn how to tell their unique story so that people recognize them as an Industry Expert.  

Our Speaker Erin Lomen Jeck will teach  

  • the "how to" of speaking, the business of making an impact  
  • how to captivate any audience 
  • how to share your expert story  
  • how to seed the sale even if you can't sell from stage (like Tedx). 

She will help you connect deeply with your audience, whether an audience of one, or thousands. Her motto is “you can’t be a lighthouse for the world…if you can’t keep your lights on!” 

We only get one life to live, it's now or never, be sure you are the one designing it. 

Check out our Live Video from one of our Success Circle Gathering!

This event is for all women of all ages, lifestyle and backgrounds. Whether you are a business entrepreneur, a career professional, looking for a new career or living a retired life, this event is for you! 

You will have the opportunity to share with like-minded goal oriented women that value friendship and growth in life! 

We have huge success from our events this year of women meeting their new best friends and women growing their businesses with the new connections from our gatherings! 

Each woman will have 3 minutes to share who she is and if she has a special offer for our group of Girlfriends or be open to sharing an idea or just be open to making a new girlfriend! 

The whole idea of this event is that with having over 30-40 women attending our events it can be hard to connect with everyone. 

This gathering will give everyone the chance to create new opportunities and then break into fun mini groups to connect and grow with business and friendship.   

This event gives you the opportunity to surrounded by the right connections to support your growth in your goals! 

2017 is all about creating new connections and growing your community to create fun memories and enjoyable experiences while growing your business and self. 

We are taking out the old thinking of "no fun while doing hard work" and instead replacing it with "you can have fun while working smart on yourself, your friendships and business." 

There will also be featured Guest-Speakers sharing some of their secrets to success that you do not want to miss out on! 

“Community is a central part of human happiness. One of the biggest nurturers of femininity is intentional community.” ~Teal Swan 

Huge Bonuses: 

The woman that brings the most friends will get a Prize! 

Please invite all of your girlfriends that are open to encouragement, connection and inspiration. They do not have to be NAPW Members. 

We will be picking a woman from our Facebook Group to showcase their business for monthly! 

Please join our exclusive Facebook Group to stay encouraged throughout your work week, win giveaways from local businesses and also get updates on our upcoming events and social hours.  

This month we will be having our complimentary appetizers from 6:30-7:00pm. Get your tickets here. 

These events are life changing as we are not just passing out our business cards but also creating an environment for personal growth and development and true authentic connections with women in our community. 

There are no other events like this in our city! Women walk away with new business connections, business ideas, professional growth and most importantly new opportunities to living a purposeful life with new friends to enjoy our journey with. 

Each Month our Gatherings have been growing with new women and creating wonderful relationships with the existing women that are already attending! 

Join us each month as we pick out a different themes to celebrate women and our growth in business, friendship, family, community and self. Join us this month! Get your tickets today before we sell out of space. 

We have world class women in business attending our monthly meeting. Our chapter keeps growing with inspiring business women that are open to creating new friendships and business opportunities. 

If this is your first event, you will be welcomed with warm smiles and new introductions to your Bellevue Chapter Tribe of influential women. 

This event is for you if you are ready to create new beginnings in friendships 2017! We only have space for 40 women so please buy your ticket before they all sell out. 

10 Reasons to attend this event and what to expect: 
  1. Connect with World Class Speakers, Mentors and Girlfriends to personally grow in self, family, business and community. 

  2. Expect to meet over 30 prominent business women in our community that value growing in friendship, business and personal growth. 

  3. Grow your tribe of smart women to connect with outside of this event to share your business, life and goals with. 

  4. New exciting business networking opportunities to create long-term business relationships to support your future success. 

  5. Be introduced to the most dynamic Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, C-Level Executives, and Entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. 

  6. You will have opportunities to talk to other women, divide into mini groups and connect with like-minded women like yourself. 

  7. Feel empowered by sharing who you are and the business you work with so others can connect with you. 

  8. Meet our new upcoming board members to stay connected to our social and business growth events. 

  9. Complimentary Appetizers from 6:30-7:30 for all of the ladies attending! Win fun raffle giveaways! 

  10. Remember to bring business cards, an open heart and your smile because creating best friends to share life with is PRICELESS! 

                      Get your tickets here before they all sell out! Tickets are only $20 to cover our cost on catering the food, event space and offering affordable drink prices. 

                      We look forward to seeing you soon! 

                      If you cannot make this event please keep in mind for next month as we meet every third Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. 

                      Let’s make 2017 great by being fearless towards our goals and reaching out to encourage others to be our friends by living in joy, happiness and connection. 

                      Renessa Strong & Clem LeFrades Co-Presidents 

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