Introduce Me To New Singles: 3rd Annual Labor Day Patio Dinner Mixer

Introduce Me To New Singles: 

3rd Annual Labor Day Patio Dinner Mixer

Saturday September 2, 2017


Art Marble 21 Patio

731 Westlake Ave N,

Seattle, WA 98109

Get Easy Directions By Clicking Here

$20 + Bring A Friend For Free or $30 Per Person At The Door

This is our third year hosting this fun event and it always sells out fast!

We want to personally introduce you to new singles in our city that would take you months online to meet in one fun night!

We want to give you the chance to meet new single ladies and gents that are open to being introduced to create a new chapter of fun in their life.

Everyone is looking for a new friend/partner to share their life with. Everyone is open to trying something new and creating new memories together.

You could find your new adventure, travel, dance, wine or dinner partner at this event and more!

Tickets are selling fast so get yours here before your age group sells out! There are only 10 tickets in your age group and this event is going out to over 50,000 singles!

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More About This Event:

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our 3 day Labor Day weekend and make time to grow your social circle especially if you are new to the area or looking to meet new people that want to create new friendships and more.

We will be meeting at the Art Marble in Seattle on their open remodeled patio overlooking beautiful Lake Union. This event is on whether it is rain in shine as the Patio has covering!

Get Your Ticket Here

This is a beautiful location and a must see if this is your first time going! Safe parking garages and street parking surround the Art Marble so finding parking is easy!

Let’s Celebrate YOUR hard work! Labor day is a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people in the USA… That is Us! You work hard all year long, let’s take some time to relax and enjoy a beautiful patio mixer of meeting new singles in our city.

There will be fun drinks to enjoy and you can order from their dinner menu as well as we enjoy the dinner party with fun conversations.

There will not be loud music, and we will be playing a great ice breaker game for everybody to get mingling. Get Your Tickets Here.

This is for all the fun Seattle/Eastside People who are looking for more than the bar scene and online, it is an opportunity to meet new friends at our private social mixer!

At all of our events we will be playing a very fun ice breaker game so everyone in the room has a chance to meet each other.

You do not want to miss this exclusive event.

The night will feature:
  • Fun Social Rounds At Each Table To Meet Singles In Your Age Group
  • Easy Icebreakers To Spark The Conversation
  • Great Food For Our Sit Down Dinner Mixer
  • You Can Bring A Friend For FREE!
  • A Beautiful Location Overlooking The Lake
  • New Friends To Share Your Life With
  • Create A New Beginning!
  • Try Something New So You Have Something To Talk About On Future Introductions
  • We Will Have Welcomers And Greeters To Introduce You To Others At The Event
  • Three Fun Age Groups To Mingle With: 21-35, 36-49 and 50+
  • Meet Your Best Friend Or Life Partner…. Priceless

Space is limited to 30 women) and 30 men (10 women and men in each age group & tickets are selling fast in your age group… please get your tickets here!

Come alone or with a friend, either way you are guaranteed to meet some really fun people! Space is limited so RSVP and buy your ticket!

Now is the time to make new friends!

This event is open to all age groups 21+

Please select your age group and get your tickets before they all sell out. Space is limited so RSVP and buy your ticket! Pre-Paid Tickets are only $20 for our mixer + Bring A Friend For Free (That is only $10 per person) and $30.00 at the door.

Can I come alone? Yes, 95% of those attending come on their own. Our staff will be on hand to welcome you and introduce you to others in the group.

What to expect: 40-60 people ages 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

What to wear: Summer Casual… When you look good, you feel good!

Why should I come? To make new friends, meet people in person instead of online or at work, find out about other things going on in our city, make a personal connection, check out a new place or just to get out of your house.

Multiple Meetup groups are organizing this event so don’t just go by the RSVPs here, over 50 members will be attending. Do not spend the weekend alone and especially this beautiful summer weekend!

There will be Fun ice-breaker games with topics to discuss leading to more meaningful connections and opening the opportunity to get to know New Friends.

$20 prepaid tickets and $30 day of even + Bring a friend for free! Get Your Ticket Here please!

This event is for everyone! Whether you just moved here, you are looking to make new friends or you are open to growing your social circles. This event is for you!

Don’t Stay Home Alone!! Get Your TIckets Here and Invite A Friend From Work Or In Your Social Circle For FREE!

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