What to say at our Single Events?

Happy Sunday To You!

How is your weekend going so far? Are your ready for our three day weekend next weekend?

I wanted to connect with you and let you know that tickets are selling FAST for next Saturday's "Introduce Me To New Singles Labor Day Singles Dinner Mixer", so if you have RSVP'ed but have not purchased your tickets yet, I would highly suggest you save your seat today before you age group sells out and you are on the waitlist.

Here is the link to get your tickets. We only have about 4-5 tickets left in each age group for ladies and gents.

What to say at our events?

Here is a fun ice breaker you can choose to use, we always have about 20-30 different ice breakers to chose from at our events!

"If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?”

This is a fun ice breaker to create easy conversation and it gives you great insight into what the other person values. There is really not a wrong answer as this question opens up the conversation for "Why".

Why would you want to have that quality or ability? When you can ask "why" this allows the conversation to go into a deeper understanding of each others personality and create a commonality if both of you feel the same way about that quality or ability or openness to learn about the others persons important characteristics. 

Be sure to answer the question as well as ask it.

I would love to have quality or ability to heal people from their past pains so they can live a life without judgement, shame, guilt or fear because I was once there and I work on this ability daily in my life.

Now my answers are little more in depth, but you can answer with fun qualities, like making people laugh more because you like see others happy, or you would like the ability to cure homelessness in our world and your "why" is to see families and individuals be valued instead of living on the streets. Another one would be the ability to fly so you can be like an eagle in the sky.

You can always describe more and share more details as that adds more of a emotional connection and people are attracted to similar emotions and characteristics, such a happiness, joy, laughter, caring, purposeful, selflessness and vulnerability and more.

Let's have an open mind and meet new singles ladies and gents in our city next Saturday night!

Here is the link to get your tickets!

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!

Renessa Strong and Event Team

Here is more information on the event:

Location Art Marble 21 Seattle

Time: 5-7pm