The Ultimate Online Dating Guide - 10 Tips For Success.

The Ultimate Online Dating Guide. 

Online Dating Guide

By Renessa Strong:

Every time a new client comes to us for Relationship/Dating coaching the first question... always... is “how do I get better at online dating?” There are hundreds of blogs available that share simple basics, written by some person who more than likely is single and trying to figure it out themselves.... But what are the tips from actual people who are in a relationship from online dating. How did they do it? You are in luck… We asked our past clients to share their best advice and compiled the ultimate online dating tips for 2017. Enjoy, take action, be awesome!

#1 Move off of email- Try and get from messaging/emailing to text and or calling ASAP.. As a rule of thumb try to do this in under 10 messages..If you get into this back and forth messaging/emailing 8 out 10 they will lose interest and it wont go anywhere..

#2 If you share a common interest, bring that up- Read the person's profile and comment in a positive curious way and ask questions about them... If they like museums and you've never been to one, don't bluff. Say, "The closest thing to a museum I've ever been to is my grandfather's garage, but it sounds interesting. What is your favorite museum? What do you like about museums?"  and no talking about yourself or for men how attracted you are to her not yet.

#3 Cut to the chase- Remove things like... “I like your profile, if you like mine write me back” obviously you liked my profile that is why you are writing me… come up with a question that builds intrigue… “If you had a million dollars what would you do? Here is my list. Lets get together and plan how we would spend our millions”

#4 Take good pictures- Take pictures of fun things you are doing with friends. Look like you have a life. Photo journal your weekends have people take pictures of you, be interesting.

#5 Know your demographic- Women and men from different age groups respond differently to questions.

#6 Mirror and acknowledge- When reading a profile notice the details and writing style. In your response mirror their style and acknowledge their hobbies. There are two basic profiles a) long, sophisticated, intelligent ones and b) short, immature, one or two sentence ones.

#7 There is No Life Hack- Men always want to know what words attract women- answer the truth attracts women, originality and confidence be a leader in your communication. Women, men are direct and don't enjoy figuring things out. If you are interested tease and flirt let him know he is on the right path.

#8 Respond when it’s appropriate-  A 1am Saturday night response is not ok  a Sunday morning at 11am is great. Over eagerness was shown to be the number one turnoff for people in a recent study of attractive characteristics.  Top times for responses are Sunday between 10am and 2pm and Monday through Thursday during the day.

#9 Don’t be Lazy-  If you could cut and paste your answer and plug it into any email, they'll spot it. We all want to be special - not feel like someone's trolling for a date.

#10 Get some help from a friend of the opposite sex:  Preferably not a sister/brother or parent as they will have rose colored glasses,  find someone independent. Try giving your profile a break for a while. Remove your photos for 2-3 weeks and then post some new photos.

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