Has social media become an addicting reality show?

I read this article recently sharing some great insights on how lonely we are because of social media. 

I completely agree with this and I found myself guilty of spending my own down time on social media instead of connecting with family or friends. I love sharing my day and sharing inspiring quotes online but it still does not compare to being in person with family, friends and my community and spending quality time. 

I have a 16 year old son named Mike and we have been talk about how addicting social media is.

It has become a reality checkpoint meaning that unless you share your moments on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc during the moment then it sometimes feels like it is not real.

Some feel there is an imaginary voice in our heads saying stop and take a photo and share ALL the time! 

Why are we so addicted to sharing our lives online? 

What are we proving?

What is really missing?

Some people I know do not post anything online and just watch the lives of others. It is almost like social media has become an addicting reality show we have to tune into to see what is happening with EVERYONE else and not taking time to connect with our own reality and meet our social needs for community and self love. 

How are we neglecting our children, how are our children neglecting their own needs and so on?

This a huge epidemic and as much as I love technology, there are some big consequences socially with our upcoming generation when it comes to talking to others, sharing their feelings off of text messaging, relating to there needs versus comparing it to others and so much more. 

Some of my remedies is having a beginning and end to tech time for myself and my children. Even with owning a business, I have to be consciously aware of how much time I am working versus how much quality time am I spending with my family, friends and caring for myself without my phone or computer.

There are a lot of remedies to our social media epidemic, the first key to success is being aware of the problem and start taking daily actions to be more connected to our reality versus the realities of others. 

Here is a great article on some practical remedies to help with Social Media Addiction:


 Let's work together to connect more in person and offline to create a healthy loving life! 

Renessa Strong

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