New Year Eve With 3000 Fun Singles and Couples! PLUS LIVE VIDEO!

Every New Years Eve for the past 6+ years, I have been invited to host the singles pre-party for Seattle Bash which is Seattle's Biggest New Years Eve Party with over 3000 fun people coming together. 

Each year I gather volunteers that are happy to connect and have a purpose on New Years Eve while getting in for Free to this entertaining event. 

This year we had a blast hosting the singles mixer with fun ice breaker cards and handing out bracelets, so everyone knew who were the single guys and who were the single gals. 

I always get emotional on these hallmark events because I remember about 5 years ago, I was single on New Years Eve and wanting to have my midnight kiss to bring in the new year with someone special but instead I was alone and hosting a singles event for my city. 

I had some doubts of where my year was going to guide me and that I wanted to kiss someone really special and not just let anybody be that kiss. I wanted it to spark and send chills down my body. I wanted it to be electric. 

I remember kissing my hand that night at midnight and seeing my lipstick mark on the front of my hand and thinking, "if I want to be loved more then I need to love myself more". I spent that year loving me more and I met my husband Chris that July and we started dating and the rest is history.

I know that if my intentions worked for me then it will work for you! Let's rock 2017 with great intentions and aligned actions that create the year that sends electricity down our body of excitement and love. 

Please enjoy the fun videos of this crazy night! 

To Creating The Life We Desire,

Renessa Strong 


Kissing The Man Of My Dreams!