How I stay connected to success! My Gratitude List for February

How I stay connected to success! 

I like to stay connected to the positive things happening in my life so I can have a high vibration and open to more positive things coming my way. This is a great way to shift your mindset from negative to grateful. 

My Gratitude List for February! Bring in on March!! Feeling so Blessed and Humbled!

1. Featured on a two page spread in the 425 Magazine on Digital Dating

2. Featured Speaker on Creating Your Love Story at MamaCon with Leanne Kabat

3. Enjoyed Race Car driving and a romantic Valentines Day with my Husband

4. Hosted the Singles Pre-Party at the Venetian Masquerade Ball with Tracy Klinkroth

5. Launched and Co-hosting the Urban Campfire Women's Empowerment Retreat To Recharge & Reconnect with Girlfriends with Melody Biringer

6. Taught a Law Of Attraction Dating Class to 25 Singles

7. Created Girlfriends Goal Group on Meetup and Facebook with over 600 Ladies

8. Coached 11 new one on one clients into creating and living out loud their love story

9. Hosted 3 singles events with over 220 new singles meeting for the first time

10. Worked from home with my team so I could be mommy to my kids

11. Went to a Personal Growth Inner Healing Workshop and uncovered that "I am weak" and where it has been holding me back in my personal and business life hosted by Heather Fantin

12. Hosted my first monthly webinar to attract my ideal clients for my coaching business and had sign ups!


I am so thankful for the family and friends I am surrounded by! I feel even more blessed and my vibrations are raised even higher when I look at the list as this just a small comparison to all of the other big blessings I have in my live such as home, car, healthy family, friends, a growing business and staff.

I could go on and on, the point for me is being fully aware and being open for more. Also giving myself some love for all that I am doing and being in this world and showing up for singles and standing for love when people feel lost without it.

If God is opening up new doors for me then I know He has big plans for you as well! What are you thankful for in February?