3 Steps To Creating The Best Summer Ever

Each year I see new faces for our singles community to embrace as new opportunities to share friendship and love with.

As we start this Summer Journey, this is a great time to reflect and dive into how you want to create your best summer EVER. Please write out your answers to these questions below:

1.    What would make this a fun summer for you? What is fun to you? Trying new things, camping, hiking, beach days, BBQ’s on the water, sunset walks, dinner parties, picnics, learning more and growing in closer friendships and love?

2.    What type of people do you want to experience these joyful experiences with this summer? Do I need to grow my social circle? Do I need to add new activities where groups of new friends are coming together to enjoy these fun events? Is there someone I need to reach out to that would love to enjoy these fun experiences with me and I want to reignite that friendship?

3.    How often do you want to enjoy these fun experiences this summer? So now that you know what you want to do and whom you want to do it with, the next question is how often? 

With June, July, August and September being some of the best months for searching for love… are you looking for once a month activities, only giving you 4 fun times over the summer or twice a month or once a week? How does your work life support these important times of your life?

Now this is the easy part… just go and do it! There is no perfect way to creating your joy because it is YOUR joy in life. The sooner you get on board to creating your joy and happiness the more your life becomes more full with new friendships, new love and new memories!

We are not guaranteed another day in our life, so all we can do is enjoy each moment and be on the look out for creating other great moments in our life.

We are here to keep you encouraged and supported in your life!

Renessa Rios